Before It’s News: A Platform for Citizen Journalism

Before It’s News A Platform for Citizen Journalism

What is Before It’s News and how does it work?

On the website, Before It’s News, anybody can publish news articles, views, films, and images on a range of subjects, including politics, health, science, religion, and the paranormal. It calls itself “the people-powered news platform” and wants to give ordinary people a place to express their opinions and experiences. In this article, we will explore the concept of citizen journalism, discuss the features and benefits of the Before It’s News platform.

Users can create their own profiles and submit their material for free on Before It’s News. Without any editorial review or fact-checking, the content is subsequently posted on the internet. Users can follow their favorite writers and comment on and grade each other’s posts. The website receives funding from both donations and advertising.

What are the benefits and challenges of Before It’s News?

Before It’s News has some benefits and challenges for both its users and its readers. Some of the benefits are:

  • It offers a different viewpoint and source of information that the mainstream media might not otherwise cover.
  • People are given the freedom to express themselves and take part in public dialogue.
  • It encourages participation and a sense of community among people who share similar viewpoints.
  • It presents a chance for education and the exploration of fresh ideas and points of view.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Since anyone may post anything without verification or accountability, it lacks quality control and legitimacy.
  • It might disseminate false information, propaganda, conspiracies, hate speech, and statements that are damaging or inaccurate.
  • People have a tendency to consume and spread content that supports their prejudices and opinions, which could lead to echo chambers and polarisation.
  • Legal, moral, and security hazards such as defamation, plagiarism, privacy violations, harassment, and cyberattacks could be presented to users and readers.

How can Before It’s News be improved and used responsibly?

Before It’s News can be improved and used responsibly by both its users and its readers. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Users should adhere to journalistic standards and ethics, such as accuracy, fairness, balance, transparency, and attribution.
  • from plagiarism, incitement, and personal assaults.
  • Before posting or sharing anything, users should check their sources and facts, and they should also fix any mistakes they may have made.
  • Any conflicts of interest or affiliations that can affect their content should be disclosed by users.
  • Readers should use their critical thinking and media literacy abilities, such as determining the author’s and the source’s reliability, assessing the logic and the evidence, contrasting various viewpoints and sources, and spotting any biases or agendas.
  • Readers should look for a variety of trustworthy sources of news and opinion as well as engage in respectful and productive conversation with others.


Before It’s News, a platform for citizen journalism, lets anyone publish and read information on a wide range of subjects. It offers an alternative source of information and perspective while also posing some difficulties for its users and readers. However, it also lacks credibility and quality control. By upholding journalistic standards and ethics, respecting others’ rights and dignity, confirming their sources and facts, disclosing any conflicts of interest or affiliations, exercising critical thinking and media literacy skills, looking for a variety of trustworthy sources of information and opinion, and participating in civil and constructive discussion with others, users, and readers of Before It’s News can improve the site and use it responsibly.

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